"They want to see your eyes." (2011)

There used to be a large gemstone and crystal store in Ngatea with beautiful rocks - a mixture of those in natural form and others polished. Often I would stop there when passing through. On one such visit I found a lovely piece of polished greenstone (otherwise known as jade) that was large enough to fit comfortably in the palm of my hand.

In New Zealand greenstone is valued because of it’s history and connection to the people and land. It is often carved or shaped and gifted to people. The various carvings are symbolic and carry a meaning. I brought the stone home with me, washed it down and blessed it and found a place for it on a ledge by the front door. It didn’t move from there for several years.

Coming forward in time to 2011 I received a call to advise that a matriarch of our family had become ill. She was a favourite Aunty of mine, though I didn't see her that often. She had had a stroke and lost all movement on one side of her body. I planned to visit her at the hospital late that evening after work. As I left home for the hospital the pounamu leaped out and caught my eye. There was a pull to take it with me, so back inside the house I went to wash it down, a karakia said and away we went.

Security allowed me into the hospital after 10pm. I found Aunty Dolly and she had aged since I last saw her. Her hair now grey and she was in a deep sleep except the occasional agitation. Aside from holding her hand and feeling a great love for her, I sat quietly for most of the night, reflecting. As the night moved into the early hours I decided to ask our ancestors and Wairua to join and help her to recover and heal as much as possible.

Placing my pounamu on the bed beside her I held onto her hands, closed my eyes and said karakia for a good 20 minutes. I called upon and welcomed our tūpuna and Wairua who resonate at the highest level of light and love to help in her recovery. Near the end of the karakia and closing down the meditation, I was startled by a voice speaking. I opened my eyes to see Aunty Dolly looking at me. In a muffled, slow and dry voice I heard, “Ah! When you call them here they want to look into your eyes.” The lack of movement in parts of her mouth made me pay extra attention. She returned to sleep.

At that time, both shocked and surprised not only because she had woken and communicated to me, but largely because of what she had said. We did not greet with hellos, but instead in her deep subconscious state, she had felt Wairua come too. They had communicated with her, and she woke and translated that message to me. This highlighted to me the power of karakia and our ability to communicate across this physical world, and into the world we do not see.

I felt blessed.


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