The power of meditation

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

I have been reflecting lately on the power of meditation and the benefits it brings.

Many years ago I met a psychic medium by the name of Rose Goodliffe – an educated, knowledgeable and skilled person and legitimate medium. I had for months leading up to this meeting been having restless sleeps. The nights full of intense dreaming with strong symbolism centred around family, ancestry, mother natures elements and animals. Often waking feeling drained, and after a daily work and family routine I would go to bed exhausted.

Instincts told me this bombardment of dreaming and feeling other presences in my home was linked to my personal Wairua journey. Ignoring the presence of Wairua was not going to make it go away and I needed to take those next steps - to understand, form and further develop this thing. My mother at times was prophetic but rarely spoke of it, and my Nani was matakite (gifted with sight and healing ways) however both had passed on so were not here to korero (talk) with - at least in the ordinary way!

I found markets themselves offered many interesting services surrounding alternative approaches to improve health and wellbeing. Arriving at the markets I looked for the clairvoyant my friend had described but to no avail. I passed a few others but non resonated. Eventually I found myself sitting in a cubicle with a woman in her 40’s with a big smiling face and blond spikey short hair. She had a radiating white light with her. This was Rose. She politely asked what help was I looking for and what had been occurring for me. Sharing my story with her, she commenced into a reading.

There were key messages for me in that reading:

  • It was true I had a gift which I needed guidance with developing. Described as being a beacon of light into the world of spirit letting them know I am sensitive to their existence. This was no surprise to me as I had been informed of similar by two others in the past.

  • Ignoring spirit was not going to make it go away. Learning to work with spirit would be beneficial.

  • My grandmother was a gate-keeper to the spirit world. Allowing through spirit who should and shouldn’t be present around me.

  • Meditation would be a good way for me to connect with spirit, and develop my skills.

I came away feeling a sense of validation and the reading left me curious and interested to know more! Shortly afterward I joined a meditation group run by Rose, and therein started a 5-year journey of weekly meditation. This modality became fundamental to my development and to understanding the qualities and nature of my abilities.

The benefits of meditation

Research supports there are many benefits to meditating in general. Personally the key benefits I experienced were physical, emotional and mental:

  • the ability to manage stress

  • build resilience

  • develop clarity of thinking

  • having a calm countenance

  • being optimistic and positive.

It also helped with the management of hemiplegic migraines I had been prone to over the years.

On a metaphysical level meditation helped me to:

  • Develop and build confidence in my intuitive skills.

  • Explore my abilities in a safe environment.

  • Discern between ‘thought creation’ and receiving information from a metaphysical energy.

  • Learn to interpret and translate messages for myself, and for others.

  • Be able to offer my insights to those in the group.

  • Receive confirming feedback from group members.

  • Develop an understanding not only of Wairua, but also understanding energy.

  • Feel comfortable and calm in the presence of spirit.

  • Understand and respect boundaries when I received information for others.

  • Appreciate and respect Wairua.

  • Give gratitude, be thankful and not take Wairua for granted.

  • Understand the balance of giving and receiving.

  • Listen inward to myself and to the lore of nature.

Meditation is a skill

For people new to meditation learning to quiet the mind from pressing thoughts takes time. These days I can move into a meditative state within 1-minute. This was not always the case, in the earlier days thoughts and internal dialogue would bounce in and out of my head like a game of ping-pong. Learning to quiet the mind, and be open to receive took time.

There are many forms of meditation. In future blogs I will talk more about meditation and my experiences with it, and things that you can do. For now however, if you are considering meditation I recommend it as a course of action towards developing your intuitive knowledge and abilities.

Be purposeful and clear of your intention for meditating. Answer the question, “What do I seek from meditation?” or "What do I need right now from meditation?" The group I joined was focused on meditating with our spirit guides. Find a group or approach that can best support meeting your need.

Giving gratitude

Before I sign off today, I would like to give a blessing and gratitude to Rose for sharing her wisdom and knowledge, as well for the work she does in helping others and providing a safe space and guidance for me to grow and step into my potential over that time.

Matakuikui. Nga mihi nui.

Maria x

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