Earliest memory of Wairua (1975)

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The beginning

My earliest memory of interaction with Wairua was as a four year old child. We lived in the hills of a small country town in New Zealand called Waikino. My parents had bought an old miners cottage which took a few years to renovate. The previous owners were an elderly couple known as Mr and Mrs May. Both had passed away.

In my earlier years my parents had both a loving and very turbulent relationship. More than a young child can understand. When faced with regular trauma at such an age life simply requires you learn to survive it, and so I did. My older siblings from my parents previous marriages did not live with us so essentially I was raised as an only child. With my sisters and brothers not there to show me the way, I needed to figure it out for myself.

During or after big fights I would find myself under the bed covers frightened, crying and asking God for help. We were not a religious family by any means, in fact religion was not in our life at all. My father had his own matter of fact views, and my mother her own beliefs. However at a young age I believed there was something bigger and greater out there to call upon for help. So under the blankets I would plead with God to stop my parents from fighting and if so I promised to be good. The fighting only ever stopped temporarily so on would go my requests.

One evening at age four or five I had fallen asleep and awoke during the early hours of the night. In front of me was a radiant light which silhouetted a human form. It created a glow in the dark of my room and looked down at me from the side of my bed. The silhouette became clearer and took the shape of a woman. She sat near me. Something about her was very beautiful. She emanated gentleness and love. I felt completely safe. We spoke to one another for only a brief time. To this day, I recall her telling me I was beautiful, that I was loved and everything would be okay. She told me to go back to sleep and so I did.

Sometime over the following few days our neighbour from the farm next door made a friendly visit and bought with her old photos of the property we lived on. She and my mother talked through the photos and in them I saw the lady who had visited me during the night. I tugged at my mothers top and when they finally paid me attention I pointed to the woman in the picture and informed them, “That’s the lady who visited me in the night.” My mother smiled and didn’t seem the least bit surprised by what I said, but our neighbour did. “Oh no dear,” our neighbour laughed. “She couldn’t possibly have visited you, that is old Mrs May who had passed away some time before.”

I looked to my mother, shrugged off the comments and went back to playing. It did not matter to me what they believed, I knew that Mrs May had been to visit me and I was very happy.

So there was my introduction to the world of spirit in relation to me!

In retrospect now, Mrs May probably arrived to provide me a level of comfort while living in a sometimes chaotic environment.

I grew up on that property until I left home at 19. I often felt that spirit was around, sometimes Mrs May, and sometimes others. She was the first of many to visit over the years. Always the feeling existed of ‘something else being there’ that could not be seen or touched or felt, in the traditional way anyway.

Over the years many different experiences have occurred as I’ve explored and sought to understand. Some far more profound then others. It has been a journey I have experienced, largely enjoyed, spent time developing as well let unfold in its own good time.

The spirit world and working with the light is as simple and as complex as the conscious world we live in. The intricacies and variables of it can not be wholly summed up or entirely explained. Neither can logic be applied to something not logically formed.

Why share this now?

Having Wairua in my life and working with the light has been a journey of discovery and wonderment. Thus far it has been a 40+ year journey so has become ‘the norm’.

So why have I chosen to share this now given I’ve held it close to me for most of my life? Over the years I have had a number of people recommend I teach others about my experiences and what I know, and it is not that I disagree but timing is essential.

There are dynamic views people hold on the range of topics along ‘spirit and light’ from the damning to the blessed. So I needed to feel prepared for the responses and reactions that may come. It’s also been important to me to have a good sense of ones own clarity.

The world has a growing disparate climate operating from undertones of fear. People seem more on edge and are making judgements based on ill informed media. Arrogance, blindness and prejudices continue and people seem to care less about the impact of their actions and words upon others. My interest is to see us operating from a place of care for others.

Do I expect to fix all of this? Of course not. I only have a small circle of influence in the greater world. However, these are my experiences and knowledge.

In sharing I will be of help to others who have unexplained situations and questions. The insight gained may restore balance for some. Raising awareness and understanding for others. And it may call upon others who are helpers to serve the greater good.

I want to wrap up by saying it has been a privilege to be of service to help others, and to be able to work alongside spirit and to work with the light both in this context and in the big wide world.

Maria x

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