Meet Maria

Certified Coach, Wairua Practitioner & Educator

Welcome everyone,


I am so excited that you have made it here, and have spent the last 8-years on a significant personal journey of exploration and discovery which has been exhilirating at best, and complex and challenging at worst.  ​


The work I do here at The Koru Effect is a personal joy and love, and it enriches my mauri (soul) and wairua.

My lifes work todate has been focused on the development and growth of others. I have 

At age 40 my marriage ended and I embarked on a path to better understand the nature of relationships of men and women and of self; my own leadership as a strong and vulnerable modern day woman, having grown up with a western lens on the world how do I identify as a New Zealander given I am a descendent of both maori and english lineage and the consequences colonisation has had, coming to terms with my own heritage matakite and a descendent of matakite, whilst amongst that acknowledging, accepting and overcoming a 2-year dramatic dance with clinical depression.     


Aside from my toolkit of qualifications and vocational background, this recent journey has provided me the most incredible insight.

Standing in ones truth takes guts, courage and . 

If you would like to know more, please find your way 

Below you will

Mahi Wairua 



Bachelor of Health Science (Psychology) - current

As a Mahi Wairua Practitioner


I don't tend to walk around seeing things 'other' walking around - that sort of thing would make me jump 10-feet! What I experience